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United behind a big idea

No global movement springs from an individual alone, rather, it takes a dedicated team that is united behind a big idea. Are you ready to start your career at Babysits? At Babysits, we work hard, we brainstorm, have fun and try our best to leave smiles on our customers’ faces by empowering communities around childcare everywhere. Babysits is a mission driven organisation.

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Empowering communities around childcare everywhere.
Barry world
We envision a world in which communities have the transparency and authority to make their own informed decisions regarding childcare and local childcare is accessible globally.

How we work


Our aim is to give our community the best experience possible. We aim to do the right things right, not just what is convenient. We build things transparently and know for our users if we confuse, we lose.


We are always looking for inspiration and are constantly learning. By making do with whatever is at hand (bricolage).


To do great work is to love what you do. We enjoy life and love our community.

Team values

Champion the Mission

By championing the Mission, we champion the community. We lift the community up in every action we take. From the content to the platform, everything has the overarching goal of empowering communities around childcare.

Be an Intrapreneur

We constantly innovate in our daily lives and tasks. Within and around the simple things we adapt to do the right things better. By making do with whatever is at hand.

Stronger Together

Inspired by the communities that we empower, we believe that communities are stronger than individuals. Thus, we are dedicated to collaboration internally and externally, sharing our knowledge, and learning together with the community.

What we stand for


Nothing is more important than trust and safety. Every day we are working hard to make sure members can trust one another.

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We believe in an open, honest and straightforward platform, allowing our users to have complete information to make the best decisions possible.

Climate action
Climate action

Babysits cares about the future of children! This is one of the reasons why we dedicate part of our revenue to removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

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At Babysits everyone can sign up and start their career, regardless of their origin, gender, religion, sexuality etc.


Data privacy truly matters for Babysits. To create a safe environment, we only process your personal data information when strictly necessary.

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