Babysits climate

Babysits is a member of Leaders For Climate Action and we spend a portion of our revenue to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

We take Climate action!

Here at Babysits, we believe in supporting social good and making sure that we leave a liveable planet for the children that are the heartbeat of our global community.

Because of this, Babysits has become a member of Leaders For Climate Action (LFCA), an organization of like-minded businesses who have pledged to take action against carbon pollution and climate change.

As a member of LFCA, Babysits

  • Offsets its carbon footprint annually. We are officially a carbon neutral company on the VCS Gold Standard.
  • Takes action to reduce its overall footprint in years to come. This involves, measuring our footprint, identifying ways we can reduce output, and changing our policies and practices to achieve this.

Other actionable ways in which we choose to confront change to our global climate:


We provide and develop resources within our blog to help inform parents, childcare providers, and children about climate change, how they can help, and how to explain it to others.


We share the resources we create and other educational resources across our website and social media in order to bring more climate awareness to our community. We also actively participate in Fridays for Future.


We seek out and collaborate with link-minded organizations, brands, and websites to create and share resources on an even larger scale.

Carbon Removal

Babysits contributes a portion of all online purchases to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. Learn more